What physical literacy means to me

What physical literacy means to me

Physical literacy for me has developed later in life. I played baseball fairly seriously as a child, but in my teens I turned away from the sport. I was one of those students who decided in my teens that sports weren’t for me. I felt very awkward in my body and grew to hate phys-ed.

However, in the last few years as I’m entering my mid-forties, I’m learning how important it is to take care of my body. I was diagnosed in September of 2019 with a serious genetic disorder and it means my body has to fight really hard to stay healthy. My father, grandfather, uncles, aunts have all passed away from this disorder, and it terrifies me. What helps me cope is exercise.

Since last summer I made a huge commitment to my health and I started to exercise every day. I go to the gym twice a week now and have started to learn how to lift weights. I recently learned how to benchpress and deadsquat, which is very exciting. I never in a million years thought I’d be getting seriously into weightlifting, but I absolutely love it. I’m learning how to use my body, how to push it, how to shape it, how to appreciate it and care for it for the first time in my adult life.

At first I exercised because I wanted to give myself the best possible shot at living a long, or at least long-er, life, but now I exercise because I truly enjoy it. I love watching my body change as muscles grow. I love the deep sleep I get after I exercise and the mental peace I feel after a workout.

Here I am all sweaty after a workout!