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My story of physical and health education

For the new class—EDCP 320: Physical and Health Education—we’ve been asked to write a reflective story on our experience with physical health. Here are the questions I’ve been asked to consider: What is your story about Physical and Health Ed teachers? What stories do we hear about PHE teachers? What stories do we hear about…
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First People’s Principles of Learning and Physical Health Education

My experience with an Aboriginal Support Worker Prior to this course I took the Aboriginal Education course in the B.Ed program, where we learned about the FPPL in some depth. I’ve also been lucky enough to have Deana, a member of the Musqueam Nation, an Aboriginal Resource Support Worker, come to my practicum class every…
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Where to next? Reflections on my future and lessons from the past

Reflections One of the first things I read in the Teacher Education Program that spoke to me was a quote by Milton McClaren: “When we transform experiences and rework our records of events, we develop intellectual ownership of them.” This quote speaks to me because it puts in words something I have long known intuitively as…
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