Tag: Social Studies

Greta Thunberg – Reading Lesson Plan Reflection

For LLED 350 we had to design a reading lesson plan that related to critical and multiliteracies, and that used the Connect/Transform/Personalize/Reflect lesson sequence. My group, with Lomish, Arvinder, and Mandip, decided to create a lesson about Greta Thunberg and to create a cross-curricular lesson plan that included both Social Studies and English Language Arts…
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My first observation

My short practicum observation took place on Thursday morning during a lesson I’d been planning for almost a month. There’d been quite a few hiccups in the planning of that lesson, the first of which was feedback from my SA saying she didn’t quite think the focus of the lesson—symbolism as literary device—hit the mark.…
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Antiquities Treasure Hunt

As part of my Social Studies unit on Ancient Civilizations, I plan to design a treasure hunt using Google Arts and Culture, a website with thousands of virtual tours and very expansive database of ancient artifacts, as well as accompanying information and connections. The goal of the Treasure Hunt The goal is to introduce some…
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