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Hearing silent voices

Something that has become very apparent to me in my first two school visits is that some voices just don’t get heard in the class. There are 25 kids in my class, and of them about 7 don’t speak up. A few of those 7 children can actually go an entire day saying almost nothing…
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Class Profile

Leyton and Bel have been teaching us that creating a class profile is an essential part of planning for the upcoming year. And the best way to build a class profile, according to Leyton, is to get to know your students. Hence the “Getting to Know You” worksheet! The getting to know you sheet that…
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Friendship Unit

Can you believe my luck? My SA has asked me to do a unit on friendship! Not only is this a great way to build the classroom community, but it also ties in very well with my inquiry project. There are two parts to the BC Physical Education Curriculum that fall under this unit: Social…
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