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Managing Expectations

One of the most important things I learned during my practicum is that I am prone to wishful thinking and unrealistically expectations. My expectations of what can be done in an hour are unrealistic. My expectations of students’ capacity are often unrealistic. This is part of learning to be a teacher—having realistic expectations and creating manageable…
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Goals for finishing 2020

As of today there are only a few Thursday practicum school visits left before winter break. Three to be exact. This means I have three one-hour lesson blocks available to me for teaching, so I really want to make them count. Here are my goals: Get the students *thinking* about groupwork and collaboration in healthy ways.…
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Physical Health Education Curriculum Deep Dive

For class this week we took a deep dive into the BC Physical Health Education Curriculum. I created flow charts for the  four primary curricular areas in PHE (see bottom of this post). The flow charts make it very easy to create Aligned Learning Experiences because all you need to do is take the big…
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