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Hearing silent voices

Something that has become very apparent to me in my first two school visits is that some voices just don’t get heard in the class. There are 25 kids in my class, and of them about 7 don’t speak up. A few of those 7 children can actually go an entire day saying almost nothing…
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When I prepare, the students respond

One of the biggest things I’ve learned in my practicum so far is that when I prepare my lessons and I come in armed with a plan, my students respond with their attention and effort. It seems so obvious, but it’s been key for me to see this because it motivates me to try harder…
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My second observation – Scaffolding

I had my second observation by my Faculty Advisor, Dave, this past week, and it was challenging to say the least. The lesson was on summarizing non-fiction texts using a text about stress to support our Friendship and Mental Health Unit. I had worked out a plan with Dave to attempt to scaffold the learning…
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