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My first observation

My short practicum observation took place on Thursday morning during a lesson I’d been planning for almost a month. There’d been quite a few hiccups in the planning of that lesson, the first of which was feedback from my SA saying she didn’t quite think the focus of the lesson—symbolism as literary device—hit the mark.…
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Goals for finishing 2020

As of today there are only a few Thursday practicum school visits left before winter break. Three to be exact. This means I have three one-hour lesson blocks available to me for teaching, so I really want to make them count. Here are my goals: Get the students *thinking* about groupwork and collaboration in healthy ways.…
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Where to next? Reflections on my future and lessons from the past

Reflections One of the first things I read in the Teacher Education Program that spoke to me was a quote by Milton McClaren: “When we transform experiences and rework our records of events, we develop intellectual ownership of them.” This quote speaks to me because it puts in words something I have long known intuitively as…
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