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Goals for my first school visit!

As I mentioned in previous posts, this is my second year in the Teacher Education Program. This year I am heading into my practicum (THIS THURSDAY!!!) and I’m so excited to be able to put into practice all of the amazing things I’ve learned the past year. My goals for this first school visit are…
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Goals for School Visit #3

The past weeks have really flown by and it’s been challenging to keep up with all that I would like to do and need to do to prepare for my practicum. This Thursday is my last visit before my short practicum, so I hope I can get some things done, including: Bring some lesson plan…
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Where to next? Reflections on my future and lessons from the past

Reflections One of the first things I read in the Teacher Education Program that spoke to me was a quote by Milton McClaren: “When we transform experiences and rework our records of events, we develop intellectual ownership of them.” This quote¬†speaks to me because it puts in words something I have long known intuitively as…
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