Tag: community building

I See You

In 2019, in our first week in the Teacher Education Program, the Middle Years / Self-Regulated Learning cohort had an opportunity to visit Royal Heights Elementary school in Surrey. This was an amazing experience because we met many teachers and students, and we visited a class in progress. As you can see in the visual…
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Preparing for group work

In preparation for my long practicum and in support of my Inquiry on inclusion and diversity, I am hoping to spend some lesson time between now and then working on teaching students in my class how to work in groups. From what I’ve observed, my SA does not do much groupwork. Whether this is because…
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Technology that aids inclusion and community

One of the advantages of having worked in communications for ten years is that I have a wealth of experience and knowledge of online technologies. I’ve been experimenting using some of them to build community and aid inclusion in the classroom. Some of my favourite classroom technologies I discovered during the teacher program: Menti, Padlet,…
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