Tag: classroom management

My first observation

My short practicum observation took place on Thursday morning during a lesson I’d been planning for almost a month. There’d been quite a few hiccups in the planning of that lesson, the first of which was feedback from my SA saying she didn’t quite think the focus of the lesson—symbolism as literary device—hit the mark.…
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I raised my voice

It happened. I raised my voice during class. I promised I would never be the teacher who yelled, so I’m disappointed to say the least. I don’t feel good about it, but I also cannot beat myself up about it as I know that I am learning. I clearly lacked other skills/options in the moment,…
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Practicum Reflection #2

During my weekly visits from January to March, I have continued to develop my skills in lesson planning and managing classroom behaviour, which are both intricately linked with engagement. I’ve also been able to implement some of the strategies I’ve developed in my own inquiry into my teaching practice for EDUC 451, which is on…
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