Self assessment of my progress and inquiry plan

Self assessment of my progress and inquiry plan

My progress so far:

So far I have done quite a bit of research into inclusive education, UDL, and circle pedagogy. I have developed a few inquiry questions related to inclusive education, including:

  • How can I build a community where diverse learners feel safe, included and welcome?
    • I believe students need to feel safe and included to be engaged, effective learners
  • What classroom management strategies help students with exceptionalities?
    • I believe all students want and deserve the positive regard of their teacher and peers
    • I believe that classroom management begins with my own attitude.
  • How do I engage and include all learners in my lessons?
    • I believe students are more engaged when work is meaningful and draws on interests and funds of knowledge
    • I believe UDL is an effective tool to include all learners in the classroom

Narrowing it down

After reviewing all of this, including the feedback I received from Dave Dunnigan during my pedagogical stance presentation AND the feedback I received from Bel on this Inquiry Plan, I want to narrow my inquiry to something more specific and related to my personal experience.

My new inquiry question (so far): 

What tools and strategies can I use to ensure that students feel safe and included in their collaborative learning?

How do we agree to be together?

Bel suggested I frame it differently: we’re not doing groupwork. We’re collaborating.

Where I might encounter obstacles:

  • Covid19 could impact my ability to form groups
  • My SA doesn’t tend to do much group work and the students are not accustomed
  • In previous group work, there has been ample evidence of students not participating
  • There is no classroom charter, and while most students are warm and there is no explicit evidence of bullying or exclusion, the classroom lacks a cohesive community vibe.

Potential strategies for moving forward

  • Develop a classroom or groupwork charter – have a discussion about groupwork
  • Talk to my SA about my inquiry project and that I want to explore groupwork
  • Research groupwork strategies and tools

Next steps – timeline, processes and plan

  • This week: Talk with Belanina, my FA, Dave, and my SA, Pat, about my inquiry.
  • From now until long practicum:
    • Research groupwork strategies
    • Create a class groupwork charter
    • Do circle pedagogy at least once
    • practice groupwork in class – use various methods
  • During Long Practicum
    • Continue implementing groupwork and reworking my strategies