My developing inquiry!

My developing inquiry!

I am beginning to unpack my passions and wonderings to develop an inquiry question, and I’m currently most interested in the following topics:
  • Growth mindset
  • Inclusion
  • Diversity
  • Mental health
  • Identity
  • Circle pedagogy
  • Community / social cohesion

Lingering questions I have…

How do I engage in and include all learners in my lessons? What classroom management strategies help students with exceptionalities? How can I support students with exceptionalities? How can I build a community where diverse learners feel safe, included and welcome?

What brought me to this question? Why is this question important to me?

My own childhood experiences shaped my inquiry questions. Going to school was safer than being at home, but being at school came with its own dangers. Bullies often made my school life hellish. We moved a lot, so I went to 8 schools before I’d graduated high school. Because of this, I’ve seen a LOT of different school environments, and some were healthier than others. I want to explore why that is. Why did I feel safe in some places and not in others, with some teachers, but not with others? I also have exceptionalities. I am gifted and have an anxiety disorder. Despite all these issues, I have always loved learning. Teachers were the only healthy rolemodels in my life—they nurtured me and I hope to do the same for my students, I just need to learn how.

Next steps

What information do I hope to gather to answer my inquiry question? Are there books or articles that I have read/hope to read? Are there people who I hope to have conversations with or learn from? What is my plan for accessing these materials and/or people?

I want to study with Dr. Jennifer Katz. I took EPSE 317 with her this past summer, and I ordered all of her books. I already tried contacting her, but she never returned my email. I also would like to study circle pedagogy with Marna and have already contacted her and bought all the books she suggested. I am also very interested in learning from Shelley Moore and I’ve watched all her videos. I signed up for the ADDitude newsletter and also Kim Bartel’s newsletter. I follow all of these people on Twitter. And of course Leyton. I have learned more from Leyton about inclusive education than anyone else I’ve listed here. From the moment I first met Leyton in 2019, he has modelled how to create a healthy classroom environment and I am very grateful that he so graciously gives his time to MY-SRL.

How might the information that you collect be used? Who could benefit from the work you will do to unpack your inquiry? 

Well, obviously my practicum students will benefit from this, as I believe exploring my inquiry will make me a better teacher. I also think that I will benefit from this because a large part of my inquiry is about making space for authenticity, both for my students and myself. I believe reflection in general makes for a more satisfying life, and inquiry seems to be reflection with a specific process, so I anticipate it will provide me with a bigger sense of purpose and meaning in my teaching practice. I also believe my cohort can benefit from my inquiry, as we all can benefit from learning more about inclusion and diversity.