Last Year vs. This Year…

Last Year vs. This Year…

This is my second year in the Teacher Education Program. Last year I had some health issues that meant I had to do the program part time. It was a very difficult year for me, but somehow I made it through and passed all my classes.

This year I’m feeling great! My health is much better, and I am so very excited to finally have my chance to be in practicum and put everything I’m learning into practice. I’m very excited to meet the students and teacher I’ll be working with this year!

So for me personally, my health is the biggest difference between last year and this year.

However, there is another difference—Covid19!

Last year in September, UBC campus was swarming with students. From space it would look like a crowded ant hill. Here’s a video of the UBC Bookstore in September last year.

UBC Bookstore 2019

And now this year….

UBC Bookstore 2020

The difference is astonishing.

Another difference is the classroom. At the present moment, we are taking courses online. This means we don’t have to commute to UBC, but it also means we don’t have those collegial chats in between classes and during the breaks.

Somehow though, thanks to Leyton and Bel, we have managed to build our learning community and I’m excited to be a part of it!