I See You

I See You

In 2019, in our first week in the Teacher Education Program, the Middle Years / Self-Regulated Learning cohort had an opportunity to visit Royal Heights Elementary school in Surrey. This was an amazing experience because we met many teachers and students, and we visited a class in progress.

As you can see in the visual reflection I created for that first week of the TEP program, the most memorable experience of that visit to Royal Heights was an encounter I had with an eight-year-old boy in the class where I observed for a few hours.

I won’t recount what happened as it’s already captured on the visual reflection, but I do want to say that it’s been a year since that encounter and it’s still very fresh in my memory. What I learned from this experience is that learners want, maybe above everything else, is to be seen. They each want to be seen in their own way.

One of the best parts about this visit to Royal Heights was meeting Charlie Wheeler, the grade 7 teacher. He was clearly one of those teachers with charisma that everyone wanted to get to know. He spoke with our class and I’ll never forget his advice.

There’s a thing called the 10-2 rule. If you have a kid who’s giving you trouble, give them your undivided and personal attention for two minutes a day for ten days. Really try to connect on a personal level and your troubles will disappear.

Charlie Wheeler

That was a huge lightbulb moment for me.

There were so many other gems from that day. If I can, I’ll try to dig up my notes and capture them here.