Choral Reading

Choral Reading

One of the things I’ve learned about recently that I would like to try with students is choral reading. My teacher friend recommended it to me as a way to improve reading comprehension and build vocabulary, especially for students who are struggling to learn to read, and EAL students can benefit.

However, I also think this could potentially be part of a solution to two of the issues I’ve been wanting to solve in my classroom: groupwork and supporting shy students.

Choral reading is groupwork, and requires all students to recognize their role in the classroom community.

Secondly, choral reading is an opportunity for shy students to use their voice in a non-threatening way.

At the moment, I’m not sure exactly what type of text would be best for choral reading in my classroom, but I’m very excited to try it out, and I will come back here to add to this post once I’ve tried it.