Category: English Language Arts

Choral Reading

One of the things I’ve learned about recently that I would like to try with students is choral reading. My teacher friend recommended it to me as a way to improve reading comprehension and build vocabulary, especially for students who are struggling to learn to read, and EAL students can benefit. However, I also think…
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Friendship Unit

Can you believe my luck? My SA has asked me to do a unit on friendship! Not only is this a great way to build the classroom community, but it also ties in very well with my inquiry project. There are two parts to the BC Physical Education Curriculum that fall under this unit: Social…
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Antiquities Treasure Hunt

As part of my Social Studies unit on Ancient Civilizations, I plan to design a treasure hunt using Google Arts and Culture, a website with thousands of virtual tours and very expansive database of ancient artifacts, as well as accompanying information and connections. The goal of the Treasure Hunt The goal is to introduce some…
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