Antiquities Treasure Hunt

Antiquities Treasure Hunt

As part of my Social Studies unit on Ancient Civilizations, I plan to design a treasure hunt using Google Arts and Culture, a website with thousands of virtual tours and very expansive database of ancient artifacts, as well as accompanying information and connections.

The goal of the Treasure Hunt

The goal is to introduce some of the significant people and cultural practices of ancient cultures, including religion, economy, scientific advancements, etc. This will also be an opportunity for students to learn a little about the various cultures in order to select which culture they want to study further during the unit.

Post-Writing Activity

What type of writing assignment will you expect students to do? Provide a clear description and include any worksheets, diagrams, graphic organizers, or handouts you plan to use.

The treasure hunt will be framed by a simple writing project, which will work as an exit ticket.┬áStudents will take one of the objects they’ve found, and write about it in more depth.

The Treasure Hunt

What are you hoping students will be able to do?

Using the timeline feature on Google Arts & Culture, students will find one of each, and fill out a graphic organizer:

  • One religious relic
  • One piece of artwork
  • One example of a writing system
  • One scientific instrument
  • One household object

Download Treasure Hunt Through Time

Pre-writing Activity

What will you do to prepare them for the virtual trip and the writing activity? How will you create interest? How will you set up their thinking /expectations for the trip?

As a class, we will take a tour of the Google Arts & Culture website and I will show them a virtual tour of 5 Mysterious Ancient Sites Around the World.

Students love it when they’re given a deadline, so I will tell them this is a treasure hunt and they have only 15 minutes to find five different objects from five different ancient cultures.