Month: June 2021

CFE Reflection #1: Resource Teaching & IEPs

The End is a New Beginning The last few weeks of my practicum were very challenging. There were serious issues with multiple students expressing mental health distress, and the principal, school counsellor and the youth worker had to get involved. Let’s just say I experienced things that I shouldn’t have had to experience during my…
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CFE Reflection #2: Making connections

Sad turn of events This week during my CFE, I had some upsetting news about the mental health website my class worked on since January. We were unfortunately told not to publish the website in order to ensure the safety of the entire classroom community. This was indirectly related to the mental health of some…
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CFE Reflection #3: Saying goodbye

So this was the last week of school with students. We made it through a very strange year with Covid19, masks and social distancing. It is bittersweet saying goodbye: on the one hand, I wish it would never end. On the other hand, I’m exhausted and really looking forward to a break. If thank you…
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